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Happiness.. an instinctive pursuit most of us naturally assume is our humanly goal.

Seemingly elusive, happiness changes its mind often, those consciously pursuing realises that ‘this is not it’. What then really is?

The confusion with happiness is often with whether it is rightly tagged to an achievement, a goal, a sensation, a destination.. an occasional, brief and unsustainable state. It is sad but I think we agree that the normal state of ourselves is ‘not that of happiness’.

Sadhguru gi defines happiness and his definition is enlightening, he says that happiness is wanting things to go my way. It cannot be someone else’s way, it has to be my way. If we go by this definition, we might want to hold still for a moment and question the value of pursuing ‘happiness’ per se.

This need for having things my way is why ‘happiness’ seem out of reach, because life is mostly circumstantial and subjected to the actions of others. Life as we know it, never happens the way we want it to.

The notion of transcending our needs and in this case the need for having things our way (happiness) seem melodramatic, though it’s a technique and a first step, by taking ownership of our own happiness, now that we see the conditional leash hidden behind happiness. Abstaining from our needs is very Buddhist. I always had my questions when it comes to Buddhist’s ways, that is to leave behind, because my question is.. are we in all this just so we could get out? An upgrading game to next level of vibration.

If having your way hasn’t been giving you much of a sustainable sense of happiness then perhaps the essence of happiness cannot simply be the fulfilment of our individualistic way. Life is a constant interaction of everyone’s needs and want. Things going my way could only mean that things might not be that way for another. My needs can’t be greater or less than that of another. It doesn’t add up by having things only my way. Of course unless you subscribe to the ideas of unlimited source and a unified field. If so, then my having my way shall then in no way deficit the opportunities of another.

So do we redefine happiness or reassess its intrinsic value?

Where this is going? If happiness cannot come from individual pursuits, it is then pointing towards the dissolving of one’s ego and altruism. There has been so much about all is One and all is connected which is again that of a unified field but I have not realised it yet.



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