Balanced Chakra


Base or Root Chakra

— when balanced you should feel safe, centred and not overwhelmed | those whom you could sense their groundedness, a firm grasp and realistic view on our material world. [Physical–Etheric body]

Sacral Chakra

— when balanced you should be able to tap into immense creativity | those who finds expressions in his emotions and desires. [Pleasure & inner child–Lower Emotional Body]

Solar Plexus Chakra

— when balanced you exude confidence, assertiveness, power & control | quality of someone who is out-going, respectful and open-minded. [Lower consciousness–Lower Mental Body]

Heart Chakra

— when balanced you would have compassion, see good in others, empathy | those who have capacity to forgive, love, is contented and accepts, feels inner guidance. [Connections–Connective Astral Body]

Throat Chakra

— when balanced you would be eloquent, sincere, honest, showing inner truth. [Expression & communication– Soul Body]

Brow Chakra / Third Eye

— when balanced you are able to visualise, see life patterns and things as what they truly are, receive inner and also spritual guidances and clairvoyance. [Higher Emotional Body]

Crown Chakra

–when balanced you are open to higher energy and guidance, connection with higher-self and spirituality. [Higher Mental Body]


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