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Unlimited Source


Second Meditation on unlimited source – Deepak Chopra

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source”

  • All things that we could perceive with our five senses; see, touch, hear, taste and smell are made from same stuff and comes from the same source.
  • We give this source many different names, the source is in fact the entire universe or unified field which is beyond the perception of our 5 sense.
  • To live an abundant life, you embrace the idea that abundance comes from this unified field.
  • Within it lies the power of infinite creativity waiting for your call. Connect with the unified field, the source of all abundance..
  • “What would I like to have more of in my life”
  • Do you desire more love, joy, health, friends.. it’s all yours for the asking and accepting.
  • To be willing to release any resistance you may have to experiencing abundance, relinquish any beliefs that you are limited, open mind and heart to possibility that can attract whatever you want in your life and abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.
  • True abundance begins with a thought followed by an intention, a clear understanding of what you want to have happen.
  • Then an expectation, followed by a pervasive feeling that lets you know you can be, do and have anything your heart desires, as long as you believe in its possibility, it serves you and others and brings harm to no one.
  • .. the creative process of attraction at work, with awareness, intention and silence.
  • Go directly to the source and accepting what is waiting there for you.



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