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Change Your Reality


Third Meditation on Reality — by Deepak Chopra

“Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life”

  • Consider for a moment, what is reality. Do material things exist before it’s created and perceived by us. Is reality merely that of what we can perceive and experience with our senses?
  • Same for what we consider abundant, just because we may not experience or perceive it, it doesn’t mean they do not exist.
  • Whether you see lack or abundance in this physical realm, it is based on experiences or messages received in your past.
  • We believe matter to be reality and we view reality as changeless. Yet matter and form continually change. So what then is reality?
  • We exist in the physical plane and at the level of the mind. The mind is that part of us that perceives, thinks and evaluates. Mind is potential energy so we could change our physical world by changing our thoughts and beliefs.
  • Beyond the mind, at deepest level of consciousness, resides the spirit. Part that is eternal, unchanging and imbued with pure unlimited potential. Tapping into this potential is what enables us to manifest miracles.
  • The World out there may appear objective, but in fact is subjective, a construct of our own interpretations. Our words, thoughts and beliefs create specific results in the physical world, therefore abundance does not spring from external source, rather it comes from within.
  • From thought, intention, attention and expectation. You as a powerful perception being could change your perception, change your mind and change your reality, by transforming your thoughts and expectations.
  • Speaking and understanding nature’s language and harness its infinite flow of energy, information and intelligence. Enjoy great bounty of spirit, which is your birth right.



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