Lost Connections


Listened to an incredible Blinklist audio today, Lost Connections by Johann Hari, it proposes that several forms of disconnection is the cause of depression.

| Disconnection from one’s purpose which I’d take it means your true self. | Disconnection or losing sight of one’s autonomy, which is freedom of choice and real hope. | Disconnection from intrinsic motivation especially when a person is obsessed with material motivation. | Disconnection from social connection. | Disconnection from past traumas, being unaware of how unresolved issues are affecting the current self.

It’s basically us not having the lower levels of Maslow hierarchy of needs met, which is psychological, safety and sense of belonging. A stinging reminder that this also means that the root of depression in our society is nothing but us struggling at our lower level cyclical needs and that we’ve not gone that far after all, not as much that we would had imagined as a civilisation and species.

Keep an open mind, it’s been difficult for me for most parts as I’m very analytical and logical. These are hacks for those who wishes to receive even when intellectually we’d prefer that we understood more.

Just remember, my life, my rules.


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